Program Launch Video

This client wanted an evergreen video that she could use on her sales page, social media, and for email marketing. We worked on a script. Then using stock video clips I was able to select and edit some that would visually tie everything together.  Then I narrated the script to bring about this final product. Enjoy!


Video Trailer

For this video my client wanted to showcase their talents and skills in home construction and remodeling.


This client is a travel blogger and we wanted to showcase all the wonderful places they are going to experience.  Perfect for Facebook and Instagram.

YouTube Outro

This quick outro that gets straight to the point.  No explanation needed, comment, like, and subscribe.

Animated Logos

This is a great way to increase your brand awareness for YouTube videos and online courses.

Book Trailer

Are you looking to launch your new book to your email and social media follower?  Well a brief video trailer is just the thing you need to entice them by highlighting the choice tidbits from your book.

Online Clothing Store

Are you looking to highlight your new online store, current sales, or new arrivals?  We can work to together to highlight your latest products for Instagram, Facebook, or your website.