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You know that feeling you get when you say to yourself, “Things are good-great even, but I know they can be better. How can I accomplish that? You have great copy on your website and in your email marketing messages, but wonder is that enough?

Using video to invite past, existing, and potential clients to sign up for your latest webinar, program, or to purchase your latest product is the way to bust the entrepreneurial gates wide open.

Video is the way to skyrocket your brand and capture your audience’s attention.  They also need to feel that they can connect with you on some personal level. 

 Here’s the basic formula
You get them::They connect with you.

When you create videos that give potential clients a warm welcome to your website, think of it like you’re welcoming guests to your home for the first time.  You show them around, make them feel comfortable, and invite them to join the soirée.  Your guests will in turn become more relaxed and friendly.


Because they were able to experience your personality first hand. When you start sharing tips and strategies with your guests, you’ve hit the sweet spot.

You’re a Fit For My Collaboration Criteria Because:

You’re a coach, consultant, or strategist …

  • That has been business for at least three years.
  • Has an active potential and existing client list.
  • Is ready to roll-up your sleeves and commit to being the face of your brand.




How I Can Help You

Benefits you’ll receive by working together.

  • You’ll receive strategies on how to work it in front of the camera with ease so you’ll never have to worry about coming across awkward, or have a fear of being judged or criticized again.
  • You’ll have videos for your website, social media, and Facebook Ads that will boost your relationship with potential clients while showcasing your expertise at the same time.
  • Video animation and graphics for all you the videos you’ll record while we are working together.
  • Learn how to edit and re-purpose your live videos.
  • Create a professional HD intro/outro for your videos.
  • Create eye-catching video thumbnails
  • I will help you create a script for your videos that will leave your viewers hanging on for more
  • I will show you how to warm up your cold email marketing list.
  • * Bonus 1: Learn about equipment, sound, lighting, etc. that will make your videos pop from an award winning film maker.
  • * Bonus 2Unlimited email support.
  • * Bonus 3: Access to my private Facebook group.

“Hey what if I don’t need the full service package?”

We can still work together even if you don’t need the full service package. If you just need assistance with video editing, adding, or creating motion graphics for your:

Explainer Videos
YouTube Videos
Book Trailers
Video Presentations
Sales Videos

I’m your girl!

Hey, check out some of the resources I use to keep my business on point.

Tired of scouring the Internet trying to find reliable sources to keep you organized and on top of your business game?  Search no more. I’m sharing my personal rolodex with you.

Lise Lavigne

My biggest breakthrough from working with SaCola is focusing more on the message I want to share with women rather than just focusing on myself.  I love working with SaCola, because she is real and down to earth.  You can ask her any question.  She’s open and makes you feel at ease.  If you’re thinking about working with SaCola then you’re making an excellent choice.  She is knowledgeable, easy to understand, and gives you step-by-step guidance to professional videos.  Working with her is fun, pleasant, and effective.

Lise Lavigne, Victory Coach
Author of Enough is Enough: Transform Yourself & Find the Freedom to Love.
Lise helps women know their self-worth after suffering abuse by taking back their power.