How to Look and Make Love to the Camera

For all my introverts out there I know, this is not easy.  Heck  being in front of any camera is never easy for us on any occasion, but when we have a message that surpasses our own limiting beliefs of ourselves.  We will learn to put our egos aside, and do what we must to help others.

I’m sharing some tips on how to avoid being distracted by looking everywhere else except at the camera.  You won’t believe how simple this tips really are. You just have to put them into practice.  Don’t believe me?  Try it, and practice a few more times and see how much better you will become.

When it comes to making love to the camera; well this is where your personality shines.  Everyone does it different ways.  When you finally get relaxed enough to talk to the camera like it’s your friend people will love and appreciate you and value you as a expert.

Remember: You get them, and they will connect with you.

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How to Showcase Your Expertise with Video Testimonials

Some of us hate to toot our own horn, so why not allow others the opportunity to allow others to sing your praises for you?

It’s vital to get testimonials for your business, but it’s more powerful to get video testimonials. If you think that video is powerful then you won’t believe how much impact video testimonials can be.

Having video testimonials on your website, on various social media platforms will allow other potential clients hear for themselves what it is like to work with you, how effective you are, and what type of results you help others receive.

This video not only explores how and why video testimonials are powerful, but also what questions you should ask your clients so you can receiving amazing testimonials.

That’s right I’m sharing with you three essential questions to ask your current clients in order for you to receive valuable feedback but also powerful information that can lead to your next potential clients.

I’m not only providing you with questions but also ways to showcase your authenticity as a business owner to prove you’re not just blowing hot air.

There are also simple ways for your clients to share their videos with you.  I cover all of that and more in this video.

Do stay tuned, because this video is piping hot.  You might want to grab a pen and a piece paper and write these questions down.

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The best-kept REAL secret of introverted business owners

“If you hadn’t told me you were an introvert, I never would have guessed it from your videos.”

This was a statement that a client made to me just this week.

The truth is, it takes a lot of hard work for me to prepare myself to do videos, but when I’ve set my mind to something, I’m all in.

But I’m going to debunk some myths about introverted people and business owners.

MYTH: Most people believe that a lot of introverts are naturally shy people.
REALITY: We’re sociable people we just like to recharge our batteries and unwind privately, and we thrive better in smaller groups and in 1-on-1 conversations.

MYTH: Introverts fail in business.
REALITY: Introverted business owners can be and are just as successful as anyone else. However, the way we manage our businesses are completely different.

Here is the BOTTOMLINE:

You don’t have to pretend or suffer from impostor syndrome when it comes to your business or creating videos to market your services. Guess what?


Implement some of the same practices you use in your life and/or business so you can thrive.

Even as an introvert I can show you how you can build strong relationships with you viewers and clients without feeling like you’re giving all of you away to someone else.

Creating videos and allowing yourself to be seen and stand out and be heard is not a bad thing.

The right people will connect with you when you know how to create videos that reach their hearts, and implement strategies so that your ideal clients can find you.

It’s the only way to stand out in the sea of online marketing.

P.S. If you’re eager to find out more about how you can create video content that will speak to your dream clients, and how to increase your brand awareness, visibility, and exposure, then you need to jump on a discovery call with me.

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Top Three Cameras For Videos

Technology is rapidSarah Smilely changing, and it is so hard to stay up-to-date, but in this interview with an award winning filmmaker, Sarah Lipi of Doc Me!, she is shedding some light on what are the best three cameras to use to record videos. Check out the video below.

Not only that we discuss what types of equipment you can use to record professional looking videos even when you are on a budget.  So sit back and relax pop you some popcorn, or grab you a quick snack and tune for some laughs and tips from two passionate women discussing business and video equipment.

P.S. What I do isn’t for everyone.  If you’re a woman who is tired of being a secret and is ready to be a household name.  Click here to schedule a 15 minute chat with me